Sunday, March 27, 2016

Free Arcade Game Developer by UAB Applava

Ironpants 2.01 Apk for Android to download. This is a game Ironpants 2.01 Apk for Android, Category Arcade created by UAB Applava (Ltd) recently with new the latest version of the game Ironpants 2.01.

Download Ironpants 2.01 Apk for Android and installation guide:

Top Ironpants 2.01 "An application or an Android game to download in an APK file format stored, you need to install on your own device, the APK, making it on Android Phone or Tablet or Android Supported device works. There are two ways Ironpants 2.01 APK on your Android device with easy steps to download.

1. [Download APK] Click the "apk", download it to your PC. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable and turn on USB storage. Copy Ironpants 2.01 APK file to the memory of the connected device. Tap to install the APK file in the file explorer.
2. [From Google Plays] to the "Download Google Plays" Click Save to Google mail account, if you have downloaded from the PC, then the download will start automatically when you in the cell via the Internet will sign.

Play hard? Ironpants - new arcade game from Apple is for you! Be the best and fly the longest distance: Ironpants, Cutiepants, Chickenpants, avoiding Rocketpants, Bananapants, Crazypants, incoming obstacles disco paint with any of these heroes.
Hold mode:
1. Hold your finger to go up.
2. Release your finger to go down.
Tap mode:
1. Tap to go up.
Survival mode:
1. Hold your finger to go up.
2. Release your finger to go down.
What's new
* New User Interface
* Open all the heroes
* Leader
Additional Information
February 8, 2016
1,000,000 - 5,000,000
The current version
Download requires Android
3.0 and up

Google Play
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