Friday, March 25, 2016

8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 APK for Android

8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 APK for Android

Free Arcade Game Developer by Lazy Nuke 

8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 Apk for Android to download. This is a game 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 Apk for Android, Category Arcade  created by Lazy Nuke (Ltd) recently with new the latest version of the game 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 .

Download 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 Apk for Android and installation guide:

Top 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 "An application or an Android game to download in an APK file format stored, you need to install on your own device, the APK, making it on Android Phone or Tablet or Android Supported device works. There are two ways 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 APK on your Android device with easy steps to download.

1. [Download APK] Click the "apk", download it to your PC. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable and turn on USB storage. Copy 8th Wave: Abyssal Rise 1.1 APK file to the memory of the connected device. Tap to install the APK file in the file explorer.
2. [From Google Plays] to the "Download Google Plays" Click Save to Google mail account, if you have downloaded from the PC, then the download will start automatically when you in the cell via the Internet will sign.

Dive wave 8th!
Once known as a quiet species name, Abyss turned into mysterious robotic fish eating machines.
An aquatic adventure awaits you young captain. Will you be brave enough to explore the abyss?

Addictive side scrolling 8th wave of simple controls, a fun balance to play the game is to experience the most novice adventurous underwater. Put your take control using the left as you discover your enemies while blasting away with submarines dangerous deep abyss right, touchscreen. Whether you prefer to drive your way plow through using the power of the animals navigate nimbly through enemy attacks, offers playable heroes on the wave, 4 8th each with its own distinct characteristics . Each dive comes new enemies, upgrades, challenges and if you are "unlucky" with you may encounter one of the majestic enemies.

What's new

- Health screen shown on the boss
- Easy Tutorial
- New Feature: Whirlpool
- Achievements in adjustment
- Efficiency
- Bug fixes
Additional Information

Nov 9, 2013


100 - 500

The current version

Download requires Android
2.3.3 and up

Google Play
Download Apk File Links : zippysharesendspace